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Council Pressure

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Posted 18 October 2017 - 08:25 PM

Just my opinion, but generally I think that FOS barks up the wrong trees. Why on earth would you ask the families that are already supporting Scouting at the Unit level to contribute more to the Council? They should be working like the development arm of any other non-profit, and target businesses. Go for deep pockets, and stop the nickel and dime stuff.


They already are.  There is a common misconception about the Friends of Scouting campaign and that is that it just asks families of Scouts to give.  What most Scouters know of Friends of Scouting is the presentations that are part of the family enrollment campaign but the Friends of Scouting campaign has other prongs to it as well, such as asking local businesses for money and local philanthropists (aka the rich guy in the corner house that seems to have a brand new car every other month).  Want to be on the Council Executive Board?  While it isn't necessarily pay-to-play, the Councils run like many other larger non-profit executive boards - if you're on the board, expect to pony up some cash - back when my father was on the executive board, it was expected that board members would give a minimum of $1,000 to FOS - and this was in the 1980's.  You should check out some of the members of the boards of things like zoos, botanic gardens, museums - many are on those boards because of how much they're donated.  Want to be a life-time member of the Board of Directors for a zoo?  Donate a building.


Have you heard of the rule that Units are not supposed to ask for cash donations from businesses to support their unit?  The reason is because Council may be planning to approach that business to ask for cash donations as part of the Friends of Scouting program.  The thinking on that is that you walk in to Ray's Heating, Cooling and Waffle House and ask for $100 for prizes for your Pinewood Derby and it makes it more difficult for the Council to walk in and ask for a $1,000 donation.  There's a lot of truth to that too.


The BSA isn't necessarily hiding that from us either - they're focusing on the family enrollment campaign at the District and Unit levels - and most of us won't make the time or effort to check any further in to it.


If you start digging around, you can find some interesting numbers.  Most Councils get the biggest chunk of their funding from Friends of Scouting - usually in the 35-45% range.  At the same time, the family enrollment campaign provides about 20% of the total Friends of Scouting funds - that means that the Professionals and Council Board is raising the other 80%.

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Posted 19 October 2017 - 10:56 AM

Our unit does do a FOS presentation each year but does not do popcorn sales.  Several years ago our unit was informed by council that  our unit would not be able to use Council property if we did not sell popcorn.  Our units answer was so what, we have so many other different places  to go camping that we did not have to use Council property if we did not want too.  Also our Scoutmaster informed our Council Executive of how much the company that he worked for gave the Council each year and that that money could stop being given.  Our Scoutmaster . company  Chairman of the Board has told our Scoutmaster several years before that the company would stop giving to the Scouts each year on only the Scoutmasters word.  Needless to say the Council backed down.

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