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Resistance to OA

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Posted 13 September 2017 - 05:26 PM

Not real thrilled with the ceremonies and Native American mimicry


I agree to a point but I don't have any alternatives that I think would capture kids' imagination.


We've got a fellow in our Lodge that really does a good job of helping our Arrowmen clean-up their ceremonies ensemble.  I had no idea of the history behind the attire - and this guy's a natural storyteller, so it really interests the scouts (and keeps the cringe-worthy items (plastic tomahawks, etc.) away from our efforts.


He uses "Warriors of the Plains - Native American Regalia & Crafts" as a guide (found at Crazy Crow trading post - I have no financial interest so this is a genuine reference).  It contains several clever and effective items of regalia and crafts - ranging from simple to complex, that are inexpensive but respectful.



Not real thrilled with the ceremonies and Native American mimicry - this is a debate that will rage on both Pro and Con. I have seen members of various tribal nations on both sides of the argument. Personally, in recent years at least, I have not seen a display that was intentionally disrespectful. A small portion of my heritage is Cherokee and Chickasaw, I will occasionally cringe at certain things I see, but I would rather help them learn about what they were mistaken about than restrict them. Events like Wachipi (recently at Philmont) are held to educate Arrowmen about Native American culture and how to maintain OA traditions and to be respectful.


Bingo.  Nothing intentionally disrespectful - I certainly wouldn't know - but thankfully our guy, like you, is on the case.  As you say, the key is to "help them learn".

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