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Skits for Firecrafters

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#1 BeastlyGaming


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Posted 29 June 2017 - 10:39 AM

I'm going to be working on Firecrafter (for those of us in the Hou Koda district that do this) and I'd like help planning some of my skits, if you have ideas I can use I'd be interested in learning them and potentially having my troop perform them :D

This is the last summer camp I can go to before I achieve Eagle, so it's somewhat of my chance to be an overachiever if I can do the 100 yard swimming (since I am awful at it).


 Basically Firecrafter is a rank in which you can earn at camp, through things like building a fire, popping a spark with self-made bow and spindel.


One of the requirements is to make a 15 minute fire and have a program including skits lasting for the 15 minutes... The fire can burn forever if it'd like... just until they tell you that you're good to go and they leave.



 If you don't know: http://www.firecraft...irecrafter.html


 It is one of four ranks you can get, it's somewhat like O.A but not really... The fourth is super hard to get.





Minisino (http://www.firecraft...g/minisino.html) <-- ("super" hard :p)


If you contribute I thank you :D


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#2 qwazse


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Posted 29 June 2017 - 12:14 PM

Thanks for introducing this program. I had never heard of it until now.


Can it be a song? For a while, our troop had some good singers who practiced all week and at campfire got everyone doing a round of "Buttercup!" All you need is a couple of boys in choir or drama who are natural leaders and a troop who is willing to practice every evening.


P.S. - Your a first class scout! Of course you can swim those 100 yards! The question is: will the folks at the aquatics area give you the time an instruction so that you can master the mile swim by the end of the week?

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#3 Col. Flagg

Col. Flagg

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Posted 29 June 2017 - 02:11 PM

Is this like Mic o Say?

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#4 NJCubScouter



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Posted 29 June 2017 - 02:51 PM

It is one of four ranks you can get, it's somewhat like O.A but not really... The fourth is super hard to get.
Minisino (http://www.firecraft...g/minisino.html) <-- ("super" hard :p)

Evidently the last one is so difficult to get that they won't even tell you what the requirements are. :)

I had never heard of this either, but it's interesting what different councils and districts come up with on their own.
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#5 SSScout


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Posted 03 July 2017 - 09:39 AM

B G:   If it is not too late,  perhaps a Native American traditional story, such as


"How Bear Lost His Tail (and why the Big Bear in the heavens still has his )". (( **Practice with appropriate motions and sounds....))


Oh, my beloved:: Hear now the story as was told to me by one much wiser than I. 


Long ago, when the animal people would speak as you and I , Bear had a long and beautiful tail.  He knew that, but set no store by it, being not as vain as some.  Fox, on the other hand, also had a tail of some beauty and was not shy in telling of it.  Indeed, Fox grew jealous of Bear's tail and decided he must rid himself of this (to him) unfair competition. And so this is  what happened....


In the late fall of the year, when Fox knew Bear would be always hungry, before his long winter nap,  Fox caught a nice fat Trout and sat himself by the trail where he knew Bear must travel. Sure enough , along comes Bear. 

"Hello, brother Fox", said Bear. " What is that you have there? A fine dinner, I see !"

"Yes" Fox replied between bites,  "It is my dinner."

"And where did you catch such a fish? I might like to catch such for myself !" said Bear.

"Over on the lake shore" said Fox.  Now Bear knew such Trout were usually caught in a fast stream, and not in a lake, so he was doubtful, and said:

"Oh, I find that hard to believe.  What bait did you use?"

"My TAIL !"  munched Fox.

"Tail??  How so tail? "  said Bear.

"Why, I can show you. Follow me to the Lake."  so the two walked off down the trail to the lake shore.

Fox indicated a rock by the water's edge and said to Bear  " See? This is where you sit. Stick your tail into the water and swish it around. When the fish bite on to it, pull out your tail and there you are !  Fish Dinner !"

Bear was eager to have such a fine trout to eat, so he sat down and stuck his tail in the water and swished it around. "Like this?" He asked.

"Exactly !" said Fox, who started to walk away.

"But how long do I sit here?" asked the trusting Bear.

"Until you catch the fish, silly!" said Fox, who smiled and ran off, very pleased with himself.

Well, soon Bear grew drowsy. The sun was setting and soon Bear had fallen asleep,  pleased with himself that he would soon have a fine fish for eating.

When Bear woke up,  it was next morning, and lo ! The lake had frozen over in the night !  Bear found his tail was frozen solid in the lake ice, and he knew the cruel  trick Fox had played on him.  The only thing he could do was tear his tail off as he sat up and had to go down the trail , sad at this turn of events.


Now, the Great Spirit Manitou had seen all this and took pity on Bear.  In his dream that night, the Great Spirit came to Bear and said, " I cannot give you back your tail, but here is what I will do:  I will make a picture in the sky so that all may see how long and beautiful your tail was, you and your cub. And henceforth, Fox will never again wave his tail high and proud in the air, but will carry it low to the ground.  So shall it be. "  


And so it has been. So the Bear in the sky has the long, wavy tail, the  Bear you see in the woods has a short stubby tail, and the Fox you see along the trail will not wave his tail in the air.  


Remember, and tell your Cubs , so they may be as wise as YOU !

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#6 BeastlyGaming


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Posted 27 July 2017 - 07:38 AM

I was able to get firecrafter, just need to go to the "unknown test" which is just a ritual...

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