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BSA Folds Again

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#61 EmberMike



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Posted 07 March 2017 - 09:25 PM

You are looking at one law and ignoring all the other applicable laws.


Which ones exactly?


If the parent violated a law, that's fraud. But what specific law did she violate? 

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#62 Back Pack

Back Pack

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Posted 07 March 2017 - 10:40 PM

I think we're in what South Park calls a "Vindaloop".
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#63 Stosh


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Posted 08 March 2017 - 09:15 AM

In your state, it was once illegal to sell margarine - and I'm surprised it's legal to sell butter produced in other states.  Can Wild Alaskan Salmon be a product of China?  Sure it can, if the fish was caught in Alaska, lightly processed (read gutted), frozen and then shipped to China for canning. 


LOL the product in question was frozen salmon, they could have just as easily shipped it to the Continental 48, it didn't need canning.  So I ask what did the Chinese do with it? 


The Butter in question is not produced in other states, it is produced under foreign standards.  FDA approval or no sale in the state.


So are these issues meant to protect consumers in the US or are we to accept whatever standards others around the world may be pawning off on the public.


When I was living in Iowa, delegates from the Oriental nations did a direct trade agreement, we ship them corn directly and they ship us rice directly.  What surprised the Easterners was the lack of crushed sea shells in with the corn.  So who put the shells in there to increase the weight? 


Maybe we ought to just let the consumer decide whether they want lead-based paint to do the new nursery in.  Or animal treats that are poisonous to pets.


High standards of product safety end at the shoreline...and maybe state line, too.

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#64 NJCubScouter



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Posted 08 March 2017 - 09:53 AM

Could BSA Legal have been proactive about advising the BSA to clarify the membership form further, e.g."Gender on Birth Certificate"? IMO, yes.


Speaking of BSA Legal, has anyone seen their website www.bsalegal.org lately?


The bsalegal.org web site seems to have been taken down at some point.  There are still some pages from various time periods archived at the "Wayback Machine", I randomly picked a home page from 2008 and a home page from 2013 to link to:
I am not sure what to make of the fact that many of the links on the left side that were there in 2008 had been removed by 2013.  I also tried to find the LAST archived home page, and there seems to be a way to do it, but that apparently is beyond my skill level.  I saw a reference to a page from 2015 but could not find the actual page in the archive, which may just mean I was not doing it correctly.
I always thought the bsalegal.org page was an odd mixture of public relations and legal material, and I did not think some of the public relations portion reflected very well on the BSA.  It also seemed to me that, at least at certain times, the pages were actually being maintained by an outside law firm for the BSA and there seemed to be some public relations for that firm as well, although I couldn't find that in a quick look at the pages linked above.  If the BSA changed law firms at some point, that may be a partial explanation for why the web site is no longer up.  (Or it may not.)

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