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Transgender policy change

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Posted 21 February 2017 - 01:07 PM

Pale Horse.  You just don't get it.  For your information this scout was attempting to discuss in detail HIS  "dudes he smashed" as you so colorfully have put it.  I am not sure where you participate in scouting at but I have never heard or witnessed any scouts speaking or heard any other scouts saying they have heard or discussed their activity.  So no you are wrong when you say it isn't a gay or straight issue.  In this case, it was a gay issue.  This is my son we are talking about and when my son says he is not comfortable around this type of behavior, I will remove my son from that situation.  It has nothing to do with not being accepting or tolerant.  This is in the best interest of my son and family.  Thank you!


Some 30+ years ago, when I was a scout youth, and the first person in our patrol/circle of friends managed to "go all the way" with his girlfriend ... Just like that scene in Grease, we were all "tell me more, tell me more".  It is unrealistic for us to expect that youth of that age won't (want to) talk about it, or that they will not be curious about it if others are talking.  It is a momentary lapse in "A Scout is Clean", but it is an age (but not scouting) appropriate discussion. 


It would also be unrealistic to expect that a gay youth member would also not be similarly inclined to "brag" about their conquests.


While a gay youth might be more inclined to keep quite about such things, it would be more out of a sense of peer pressure and non acceptance.  Which is the opposite of why a straight youth who might be inclined to keep such things between himself and his girlfriend, might be induced to join the locker room conversations. 


I do not take a position of if you think such behavior is right or wrong - in either case it is not appropriate for a scouting venue.


As an Adult leader, if I were aware of or overhead the discussion, in either case - because to do otherwise would be unfair - would be to remind the youth such discussions are inappropriate at a Scout function.  And while I would probably not extend this to a level of consequences, if I did in one case, I would also have to do so in the other case.


As said, it [the oversharing discussion] is not (should not be) a gay or straight issue; it is one of what is appropriate at a Scouting function and what is not.

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