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Trail Life

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#21 wdfa89


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Posted 16 February 2017 - 11:38 AM

"I was checking out their site and noticed that you don't need to sew on rank patches - they will hang from the temporary badge button under the pocket.  I think that's a great idea!"


Let me offer a suggestion gained from years of switching unit patches on my flight suit:  velcro.  On my son's uni we use it for rank, position, patrol.  makes swapping easy.  I use it on mine for position.  A friend who has switched units a lot (military moves) has it for every single patch on his shirt.


anyway, I know that wasn't the focus of the thread but compelled to comment

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#22 sst3rd


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Posted 01 June 2017 - 08:36 PM

Just something that struck me personally. I just received a notification from my lodge that a dear friend and mentor of mine had passed away. Our lodge has a great administrator that stays on top of everything. Anyway, this note also included a copy of his obituary. It mentions the normal stuff, and then notes his over 40 years in the BSA. It also mentions that he recently started a Trail Life troop at his church (as I guess they got rid of the long standing BSA troop). And of course at the end of the obituary it asks that in lieu of flowers, to please make a donation to the Trail Life troop at his church.


I had been on many committees and training staffs with Bill. An outstanding Scouter and gentleman, but most importantly to me, a friend. Lots of great memories. So, it just came across a bit weird. But that's just me. Just an observation.



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Posted 02 June 2017 - 10:42 AM

One must always go with where one's heart and passion leads them.  It would seem that somewhere along the way this gentleman stood at a fork in the trail and made a choice.  A historical life long record of a person's passion doesn't guarantee that passion will be there for that drive in the future.


My ministry background, my BSA background, my EMT-A background, my volunteering background all came together  this week.


I got in 3 hours of religious concerns on Sunday,

3 hours with troop involvement in Memorial Day activities

20 hours with Red Cross at a regional leadership summit gathering (Yes, I skyrocketed from filling out an application to a regional lead position in about a year's time because of my diverse background)

13 hours with Red Cross as the Mass Care Lead at a grain mill explosion a couple of days ago one might have seen on the national news this week.


I see nothing wrong with the growth and development of a man with 40+ years of work in one organization not going and developing in another area.  Maybe that new passion needs the money more and one's legacy is important in life.   I have 40+ yeas in scouting, and if my passion was for a boy-development program, there's nothing weird with going Trail Life all-boy, heavy emphasis on moral development, over BSA if those areas are changing there.

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