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Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back.

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#101 Stosh


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Posted 20 May 2016 - 10:08 PM

:)  I wish I had had the opportunity to have all 34 boys, but half ended up getting their AOL from their pack and traditionally went with their feeder troop, the other half kinda split and some decided to go with the second troop.  Of the 9 of 15 remaining boys who started with me all but one should be finishing up their AOL.  If this batch of boys want to do the 50-miler this summer, I'm all for it.  I will be doing it a couple of times with or without the scouts.


The Mrs. and I are also on the docket for doing 100 miles of the North Country Trail in honor of the NPS Centennial this year.  Of course any boys are welcomed to come along on that too.


I make opportunities, it's up to them whether or not they take advantage of them.  No skin off my nose, they're the ones running the show.

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#102 Beavah


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Posted 20 May 2016 - 11:07 PM

Yah, @Stosh, I reckon if yeh dish it out to others yeh should be able to take it without gettin' too upset, eh? :D


Sometimes I just find it hard to interpret what you're writin' is all.   Might be a problem with my bifocals.    For example:


And who said it was 50 miles on open water with gear?


Well if it was on a closed pond, then it was a Cub Scout trip, eh?  Also makes it hard to do 50 miles. ;)  Sorry, I was referrin' to da BSA Aquatics version of open water, not the normal English definition.  :o  Yah, I blame da bifocals.  Easier than blamin' my brain.


Seriously, though, some of the other things do confuse me:


My boys do this kind of activity as a NSP,  This is why they have a TG to guide them through the process of getting it done.  Yes.  I have had the NSP patrol do 50 miles on a canoe trip they planned.  It is definitely not Webelos III.  We are a new troop we don't have older boys.  That doesn't slow my boys down one bit.


If yeh don't have older boys, I'm wonderin' where da Troop Guide came from, eh? :blink:   And the other older boy POR Instructor. 


I agree if yeh add two older boys and two experienced adults in kayaks with safety gear and parents in some canoes yeh should be able to manage 8 new boys in canoes on a lazy waterway, at least until the boys in boats by themselves start gettin' tired or the wind picks up. 


I'm just wonderin' in all this if yeh notice that you've created a class, rather than a patrol... and a situation where da adults are integral rather than incidental? 



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