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Which Shoulder Loops?

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#41 The Latin Scot

The Latin Scot

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Posted 02 August 2016 - 10:45 AM

These are some great ideas! I think if we were to pit the kids against the leaders, the leaders would lose pretty badly, lol. I have been having uniform inspections with my Webelos for the past two months now; they all earned their Webelos rank at the same time, and they wanted to all rise together at Pack Meeting to receive their awards as one body. I thought that was very mature of them. So, I required them to have their uniforms all up to par, and inspected them for the few weeks before the Pack Meeting, and wow - they rose to the challenge! I have NEVER seen them look so good, and many parents confessed they were amazed at how sharp they looked - we are a very California area of sandals and basketball shorts with MAYBE a scout shirt if we are lucky. Now that my boys have their uniforms so finely put together, I make sure to keep it up at every den meeting with the promise that if they all come perfectly uniformed for 8 weeks straight, I will add a specially-made doodle to the den flag AND I will bring a healthy treat for them to that 9th den meeting.


So maybe I should do the same for the leaders! haha. I do like the idea of having an inspection like that at a Pack Meeting: that way the leaders are put on the spot (a good thing at this age) AND the parents see some accountability on the leadership's part as well. I like transparency in an organization, and I think the boys would love the chance for an easy win against their leaders. It's high time WE learned something from THEM. If we as leaders can't even get the right shoulder loops, what exactly are we modelling to the boys in the first place?


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There is no such word as "Webelo." 

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#42 meyerc13


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Posted 02 August 2016 - 12:41 PM

I'm glad you like my idea.  I know how I, as a Commissioner, would handle this situation, but part of me is nervous making the suggestion because I know that some Scouters are very opinionated about uniforms.  I'd like to think that all Commissioners would be able to approach a uniform inspection in a friendly manner, but I know that isn't likely the case.  You may want to speak to your Unit Commissioner and/or District Commissioner first, and outline what you are trying to do, and stress that you want this to be a friendly competition between the boys and adults, and you don't want any of the boys in the other dens to leave feeling bad about 'doing their best' with their uniform (since this is Cub Scouting, not the military).  If your UC can't handle that, then perhaps the DC can send you a UC who can - at least for the uniform inspection.


The goal here is to get the leaders and other dens to dress as sharply as it sounds like your den is already doing.  We don't need perfection or even full uniforms, but they should wear as much of the uniform as they have with pride.  I'd rather see a tucked in shirt than a Scout with neckerchief, pants, and socks but the shirt untucked or otherwise looking sloppy.  Tucking in his uniform is something that every boy can do, buying $25+ Scout pants isn't always an option for every boy.  In either case, though, for Cub Scouts we want to stress what they are doing right, and perhaps suggest any opportunities for them to do better with whatever part of the uniform that they have - not stress every little thing that they are doing wrong.  It's all in the tone, and hopefully you have a good UC who can set the right tone.

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#43 mgood777



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Posted 24 December 2016 - 01:11 AM

I would suggest one would use the color for the position one holds.  I am a SM so I wear the red when I wear the shirt with the SM patch on it and when I function as a UC, I wear silver on the shirt with the UC patch. It has no bearing on what I do in real life, when I volunteer, I wear the appropriate uniform for the role I am presently assuming.  To wear a BSA uniform as an ASM with silver would be inappropriate as far as my opinion runs.  Your mileage may vary.


I agree.


My opinion (influenced by Philmont policy when I worked there in 1988 & 90) is that shoulder loops should match badge of office.

I'm a District Commissioner and wear silver loops.

But in addition to that, I've recently become a Crew Committee Chairman and an Assistant Cubmaster.

I have purchased a set of the lighter green loops for a Venturing uniform and a set of blue loops for a shirt I'm going to put the Asst. Cubmaster badge on. I'll still wear my Commissioner insignia and silver loops most of the time. But when functioning specifically as a member of a unit, I'll wear the appropriate badge of office and shoulder loops for the position. I don't NEED all that. I could just wear the one Commissioner uniform all the time. But I've gone to events where I'm wearing the uniform every day for a week or more, so having extras is nice. Might as well have one for each position.

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#44 Gwaihir


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Posted 08 January 2017 - 01:13 AM

Is red still legit on a modern uniform?  I saw guys with red and green tonight and while I prefer the red myself, it was odd seeing the two representing the same thing, the Boy Scouts as it were. 

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#45 Chadamus


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Posted 08 January 2017 - 11:32 AM

Yes, Gwaihir, the red loops can still be worn. Check post #9 in this thread for more information.

I wear the red ones. Red unit numbers also  :)

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#46 The Latin Scot

The Latin Scot

    part Latino, part Scottish ... get it?

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Posted 09 January 2017 - 12:13 AM

Red is still allowed, but the program has officially transitioned to the forest green epaulets, so the red ones are on the same level as wearing a heritage uniform - they are perfectly acceptable, but are now part of a "historical" uniform, and are not current. The same with the hat, belt, socks, etc. - all are now transitioned to the Centennial Uniform's forest green, but the red effects can still be worn if it is done consistently and neatly (looking sharp is more important than matching colors :rolleyes:).


I personally think the green is far superior to the red, but of course that is all personal preference. The old De la Renta uniforms were much too colorful for me when I was a Boy Scout; I like the sleeker uniformity of the forest green we use now. When I was a kid I always felt like a bag of skittles ready to suffer some epileptic fit, what with all the colors and varieties on the patches and badges in every imaginable shade and hue.  :blink:

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There is no such word as "Webelo." 

The only proper singular of Webelos Scouts is ... WEBELOS SCOUT!  

#47 Stosh


    BSA Heretic

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Posted 09 January 2017 - 03:17 PM

I like the heritage uniform, I've already paid for it and don't need to go out and buy any more....and I don't smoke so I don't need the extra pocket.

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