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Lodge Flag

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#21 jpstodwftexas


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Posted 24 December 2015 - 05:17 PM

In that case, they can continue on their present course of action.  If boys find brotherhood, cheerfulness and service in their own troops, why bother with OA?  One would think in order to perpetuate success, they might want to get out front and show the way (leadership).

Interesting thought there....So if I had followed this advice I would have never participated in OA...since I really enjoyed my troop..I enjoyed the Community service we did, I enjoyed The camp outs we did, I enoyed working the Hamburger Suppers the church did to raise money for the Troop. However I also loved the extra stuff being OA presented me with..More Camp outs, More Community service, a chance to make more friends. A Good OA Lodge CoExsists with Troops in a Council, they don't conflict.


I guess if we adhered to this statement only Scouts who are in troops that don't offer Brotherhood, cheerfulness and service need OA. Myself I would not stay in a lousey troop.


The History and Tradition of the Order was that of an Honor Society for those who at the time had achieved the highest rank at the Time...First Class. 

Hence the election into the Lodge not simply joining. A Way to keep Scouts involved after achieving the best they could at the time.


The Basic principals of the Order remain the same today as back then. Respect for Elders, Respect for Nature, Respect for traditions. 


Most certainly the way we represent the Native American Culture has changed for the Better...Clothing is Regalia not Costumes anymore...We learn from Tribal Elders not Hollywood Directors. Many Lodges have Native Americans involved in events. My Former Lodge has an Elder who also is in charge of the Local Colleges Native American Club for Native Americans. He is also a Commanche Indian. Many of our Dancers not only Dance for OA but also Dance at Native American POW WOWS...Their Regalia is what you would call "real Indian"..It ain't some cheesey clown outfit. They have studied with Tribal Elders and Artist to make sure their Regalia is authenic.

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#22 SeattlePioneer


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Posted 27 December 2015 - 05:03 PM

<<Considering Columbus sailed under a Spanish flag, it would prove to be interesting.


With overwhelming evidence that Columbus was a Johnny-come-lately, they are now finding that the Welsh got here earlier than Columbus and the Irish (Celts) were even earlier than the whole bunch.  :)>> 




Yeah,  right.  Tell me about how Newton was a joke and a joker because he couldn't actually DISCOVER gravity!

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Posted 27 December 2015 - 08:20 PM

People are always rewriting History.....

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Posted 28 December 2015 - 08:52 AM

I think Conman2012 makes a good point about the direction this thread has taken. While we don't have (or at least, we don't enforce) a "stay on topic" rule in this forum, that doesn't mean that a thread having to do with a fairly minor aspect of the OA (such as a flag) needs to be turned into a debate on the existence of the OA.
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