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#1 andysmom


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Posted 02 September 2015 - 02:19 PM

How does fundraising work in your troop?

Who organizes and runs the fundraisers?

Do you do the same things every year?


Our troop has not done any fundraising in several years other than popcorn.   The troop earns whatever percentage of the sales and the scout earns a percentage of that for their scout "account".  Our biggest popcorn seller Eagled and aged out.  He sold half of our total sales, most boys don't even participate, it is easier for Mom and Dad to write the big check to cover dues.

This year we raised dues and still expect to be about $500 short of our projected expenses.  A bottle drive was proposed, but no one volunteered to run it.  Someone said that it is boy lead troop, let the boys do it.  Now, I am all for paying your own way, but it is the committee's responsibility to be sure funds are available for the program, right?  I agree that the boys should participate, but the boys who will can't drive to pick up bottles at drop off locations.  Who should decide where the locations are going to be, when the drive is going to be, how everything is going to work?  Is that something the boys should plan or is that something the boys should participate in but the committee should run?  It has been suggessted that any money raised goes right into the troop treasury and individual scouts that wor on the drive get nothing in their accounts.  Mykid will be there but I don't know how many other scouts or parents will step up if they don't get a direct benefit of it especially since none of the scouts in the troop now have ever had to do any kind of real fundraising.

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#2 KenD500


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Posted 03 September 2015 - 07:43 AM

My Scouts come up with their year of Scouting.  We look at it together and determine if there is anything beyond average camping / food fees.  Example:  spelunking requires rental of equipment, McDonald observatory requires entrance fee, etc.  We determine what we want to fund through fundraisers.


We provide that number to the committee.  The committee also budgets for equipment replacement/maintenance, COHs & summer camp.  Once it's determined what we need for the year, the number / type of fundraisers are set for the year. 


This year we're doing 2 - one in the fall - selling mistletoe; and one in the spring - selling camp cards.


We based this on the "Ideal Year of Scouting".  It's not our council, but it laid it out pretty well.

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#3 KenD500


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Posted 03 September 2015 - 07:45 AM

I didn't answer all of your questions.  I apologize.


Different people run the fundraisers each year.


We did camp cards last year & will do them again this year.  This is the first year for mistletoe for this Troop.

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#4 Lurking...


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Posted 04 September 2015 - 10:34 AM

At the beginning of the year the boys plan their calendar and figure out how much stuff costs to make the program happen.  They they decide on whether or not they want to fundraise to cover the costs or pay out of their pocket.  They are seriously looking at no summer camp next summer because of the cost and will do a week long canoe trip of their own creation instead.


Whatever money is raised this year will be taken into account for next year.

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